Regarding handling of personal information

This organization will handle the personal information as mentioned below.

Delimitation of personal information

The information like Family name, Address, Phone No. mail address etc the information collected by this organization (Discover India Club) during its activities, that can identify the individual is defined as “Personal Information”.

Objective of using personal information

The personal information gathered by this organization will be used for following purpose.

  • To send the information related to registration or change in the membership (to members and those who have applied for membership)
  • To send the information related to services provided by this organization (to members and to those who showed the interest in getting it)
  • To send the information related to events and cultural exchange activities (to participants and those wish to participate in such events)
  • Answers to the queries (to those had asked the queries)

This organization will not provide the personal information to third person without the permission of the individual or will not use the personal information for the purpose for the activities in which the individual is not involved.

Acquiring personal information

This organization will gather personal information from the users at the time of registration procedures of this organization and at the time of providing the services (participation in various exchange programs and events that will be carried out by this organization and when using the internet media managed by this organization),