Activities of DIC

DIC, Discover India Club, will be successively conducting a number of activities as shown below.

Media activities

DIC will provide latest information on life, trends, culture, and tourism in India.

  • Internet media
    DIC will collect and provide information about India through its website.
  • Print media
    DIC will create India Tour Guide Book with the support of the Indian Tourism Office and Japanese residents in India. The Guide Book will be useful for Japanese tourists planning to visit India. DIC also has a plan to create a Guide Book on Japan for Indians visiting Japan.

People’s Exchange

DIC will provide opportunities for interaction with Indian people.

  • Regional cooperation
    DIC will provide the stage for cultural exchanges between local people of various regions in Japan and Indians living in Japan, through local governmental bodies, associated groups and educational institutions with a view to promoting mutual understanding.
  • Students exchange
    DIC will provide opportunities for Indian students studying in Japanese universities/colleges to meet Japanese students and teachers.
  • Unique Tours
    DIC is planning to arrange tours to India for members which will include visits to artistic, cultural and historical places and will provide unique opportunities for interaction with local people in India.

Cultural Events

DIC will produce cultural programs in Japan that will provide opportunities to learn about India and its culture.

  • Lectures
    DIC will invite scholars, lecturers, researchers in Indian studies, and will arrange for lectures about India.
  • Theatrical events
    DIC will arrange performances of Indian instrumental music, songs and dances in collaboration with the Indian Cultural Center in Tokyo. DIC will also arrange shows of Indian movies and lectures about movies.

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