Organization information

Name : Discover India Club (DIC)
Address : Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Objective :

To get acquainted with Indian culture, and study information related to India and provide it to those who need such information. Create opportunities for a better understanding of India and its culture by organizing exchange meetings, lectures, and cultural events. Also undertake public activities through the website of DIC to provide information about India to general public. Support youth exchange, cultural exchange and business exchange, deepen mutual understanding, and contribute to the development of human interaction between the two countries.

Operating structure : The organization will have a limited number of office bearers. The members of executive committee are as shown below.
establishment date : 7/13/2013
President : Mr. Rabinder Malik

Born in 1934 in India, graduated from Punjab University in year 1956. Has worked for World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Has lived in Japan for 37 years, and was formerly the Executive Officer at United Nations University (UNU) in Tokyo. Also a former Chairman of Urayasu Foreign Residents Association and is currently teaching at Keio University.

Vice-presidents :
  • Kanokogi Kenkichi (Deputy president, Executive officer; Part time Director India Japan Association, Past member of Board of Directors)
  • Kaneko Nobuyasu (In charge of Finance; Vice president of executive committee for “Diwali in Yokohama” Director Yokohama Mumbai Friendship Association, Visiting faculty at Yokohama City University,)
  • Mr Markus (Business: CEO, Asahi Travel Services, Studied under late Tatekawadanshi.

Executive committee : Eleven other members of the DIC Executive committee are from various industries and organizations, Indian business, and specialists in Indian cuisine, etc.
Website :
E-Mail for queries :

Executive Committee member

* They are eledted at the foundation meeting held on Octorber 13th, 2013

  1. Mr. Rabinder Malik

    Mr. Rabinder Malik

  2. Mr. Kenkichi Kanokogi
    Vice-President ; to act as President in absence of President

    Mr. Kenkichi Kanokogi

  3. Mr. Nobuyasu Kaneko
    Vice-President: in charge of Management

    Mr. Nobuyasu Kaneko

  4. Mr. Markus
    Vice-President in charge of Event & Activities

    Mr. Markus

  5. Mr. Teruo Kikushima
    Director in charge of Events & Activities

    Mr. Teruo Kikushima

  6. Mr. Hidetake Sakurai
    Dy. Secretary General , Director of PR

    Mr. Hidetake Sakurai

  7. Mr. Yoshiyuki Ebara
    Advisor for DIC Management & Activities

    Mr. Yoshiyuki Ebara

    While studying “Indian Modern History” in the college, ventured to travel alone to India, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan in 1969. Learnt Languages, Custom, Earnings, Annual events in those area. Joining a communication firm, worked for decades, a later half, charged in overseas business, then visited five continents. After Indian Economic Reform in 1991, be send to India for Feasibility Study there, and then be assigned Chief Representative Officer though 1998 and 2002. Have done jobs in 17 Pradesh in India, also SAARC counties. Still now in Indian attraction, doing some consultation and take part of cultural events. Having interested in Constructive and formative structure of Hindu, Islam and Buddhism.

  8. Ms. Hiroko Nagahama
    Director in charge of External affairs, Secretary to President

    Ms. Hiroko Nagahama

  9. Mr. Yataro Daikubara
    DyDirector in charge of Events & Activities, Director for planning

    Mr. Yataro Daikubara

  10. Mr. Masaya Kaneko
    charge of Media and Manager in Delhi

    Mr. Masaya Kaneko

  11. Mr. Tetsuya Asano
    Director in charge of Media

    Mr. Tetsuya Asano

  12. Mr. Mangesh Phatak
    Advisor to Media and PR

    Mr. Mangesh Phatak

  13. Mr. Koichi Itoh
    Director in charge of Events

    Mr. Koichi Itoh

  14. Ms. Kyoko Kobayashi
    Accountant & Dy. Director in charge of Events

    Ms. Kyoko Kobayashi

  15. Ms. Sumiyo Ohi
    Auditor & Advisor to Management

    Ms. Sumiyo Ohi